Road to Death Valley Reopens Jan 31, 2014

By Mike Bodine

An intense storm hit the high desert area in July 2013, wreaking havoc in Ridgecrest and surrounding areas. The event, called a micro-burst, lasted only a few minutes, but the damage is still being repaired. The rains and subsequent flash-flooding destroyed portions of the Trona-Wildrose Highway that leads from Trona to Panamint Valley in Death Valley National Park. Portions of the Panamint Valley Road have been closed due to the flooding as well. Aside from being a nuisance for travelers, the road closure has put a damper on local tourism.

Bob Brown, supervisor for Inyo County’s road department, said Wednesday that crews have been working tirelessly since the Thanksgiving weekend to make the repairs. He said an emergency opening of one lane of the road should be made by the end of the working day on Friday, “If everything goes OK.” 

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3 thoughts on “Road to Death Valley Reopens Jan 31, 2014

  1. Bill Miller

    I’m trying to find out what the current pavement condition is of the road from Trona up to the state highway going into Death Valley. Last year when I came through there the road was indeed open, but it was paved with dirt, gravel, and fairly good size rocks. I’m just looking for an update. Thanks.


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