Onace Long 1925-2016

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I have recently learned of the passing of Onace Long. He was born in Panama, Oklahoma in 1925. He came to Trona as an athletic coach and teacher in 1957. This was about the same time as his cousin Coach Doyle Long and Coach Carl Bledsoe also came to Trona from Oklahoma. He was my C team football and C team basketball coach as well as my P.E. teacher.

I do not know what other classes he taught but I was a student in his book keeping class.  He eventually became the elementary school principal. Onace retired in 1988 but even after he retired he continued to teach as a substitute teacher. He has been a prominent resident of Trona for over 50 years and will be remembered fondly by hundreds of former students, parents and residents of Trona.

No date has been set for services.

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  1. Cindy Meldahl Preskitt

    I graduated in 1975. My name is Cindy Meldahl (Hamlett) Preskitt. We lived at 82048 5th st in Argus…Trona, ca… I remember when Mr. LONG MARRIED OUR BEAUTIFUL TEACHER…sorry I cannot remember her name right now. I believe she taught English. She was amazing. They found each other. I have other memories. 858.352.6557. I would love to share…God Bless my Crona friends..Cindy Meldahl Preskitt. Class 1975′

  2. Dianne Farrah Jones

    So many of our teachers and coaches came from Oklahoma. The salary was so enticing. I can remember my Spanish class got a lecture one time on deportment because the “boys” we’re giving the teacher a bit of a hard time. They said it was hard to get teachers to come to Trona to teach. There was another coach by the name of Strait (sp?) or something close to that, that came from Ok. Oklahoma’s loss and our gain to get those devoted teachers. My heart goes out to the family that can look back on a life well lived.

  3. Cristy (Atwood) Van Hook

    I was shocked and saddened to learn of the death of this wonderful man. Even though he was a coach for the boys at Trona High, he was always kind and seemed to learn the names of many girls and greeted them with a “hello” by name. I was privileged to work with him in a different capacity. After I graduated from high school and began college, I taught Red Cross swimming lessons with him at Valley Wells. We had mutual respect for each other and the abilities we had to teach young children who were just beginning to be unafraid of water and also those who were used to getting in the pool but needed to learn the proper way to swim…for fun and survival. We taught Jr and Sr Lifesaving as well and were able to give certificates to those who passed. He cared enough about having the swim students really learn the lifesaving skills to allow me to work one-on-one with them as well as suggest they take another class session so we could honestly say they were equipped with the skills they needed to save a drowning victim should that occasion unfortunately arise.
    I respected and appreciated his honesty and genuine concern and caring with respect to wanting to have every student learn and pass from beginners to intermediates and on to full fledged lifesavers. He made the classes fun as well as instructive and we enjoyed each and every day.
    After three years of teaching I needed to stay for summer school at college as I changed my major and took extra classes. I missed what I felt was the greatest job someone could have in the hot summer in Trona, but more than that I missed working with Onace as well. I learned from him and we had fun doing a job which I felt was valuable to any students living in Trona.
    Each time I have returned to Trona and would see him somewhere, we would reminisce about those times and how we enjoyed those three summers. I would ask about his family and see the pride in his face as he loved them so much and was grateful that I asked.
    His smile was infectious and he would put a smile on the faces of those around him. I looked forward to seeing him at the Van Hook golf tournaments and in Trona at Homecoming and Old Timers events. I will miss that smile and greeting from him very much. I extend my sincere sympathy to the family and hope they know how much he was loved by so many. I know I am proud to have called him a friend. God bless you Onace…may you RIP as the memory of you will remain in my heart and the hearts of probably hundreds of others for all time to come.

  4. Judith Matheny Gerard

    Onace Long was very special to me. As a youngster growing up in Trona and under the good and not so good reputations of my brother and sisters, I was sent to Mr. Long’s office on a frequent flyer pass. Fortunately, Onace always treated me fairly and with kindness.
    After returning to Trona with my husband in to win 1980, I couldn’t move fast enough, I had to fulfill CA’s requirements although I had the classes in FL.
    I applied for a position for a sxtj grade position. I loved my job!i was broken hearted when I left in 1991.
    Onace always had my back and stop up for me, and that makes him my forever hero.
    Fly the azure skies in peace and love, my friend.
    Judy Matheny Gerard

  5. Lewis Arnold

    I was very saddened to hear of Onace’s passing. I coached with him in Trona 1958-59 year. We had a winning football team. We beat Palmdale High School that year. He was a very pleasant and sociable person who was dedicated as a coach.
    We visited at Trona’s 100 year celebration and then he came to my 80th birthday celebration in Palmdale in 2014. He was a pillar of the community and I’m sure he will be very much missing there as well as by old friends.
    I would like to know of any celebrations.
    Lewis Arnold


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