Jimmy Ewing

Jimmy Ewing – Class of 1953

Jim Ewing, class of 1953, passed away in March of 2012. In looking for information about Jim’s death I learned that in 1940 Jim’s grandfather, James Ewing, was the fire chief in Trona and that Jim’s father, Arthur, died in Trona in 1951 at the age of 38.

My brother Joel told me that Arthur was and electrician for AP&CC and while he was working inside a product elevator someone turned it on. If I remember correctly it took several days work to recover the body. “Lock-out, Tag-out” seems so obvious now and I am sure it has saved a lot of lives. Still I remember a similar accident occurring at Kaiser Steel where the lock was cut and the tag removed. I was told by someone who worked there in the 70s that Kaiser Steel averaged an on the job death a week.

The following is an email from Jim’s daughter, Tami, to George Sherman:

“My dad had some health issues but was very diligent about seeing his doctor and taking his medications and was living happily in San Diego. My husband and I visited every other weekend as he was yearning to spend more and more time with family as he was getting along in years. I mention that as there was no outward indication of any serious health issues.

Sunday, March 4th, I received a call from my dad letting me know he had been admitted to Scripps hospital in San Diego. He took a bad fall in his condo, (evidently from ‘blacking out’) and broke 4 ribs. My dad fought to recover from his injuries, for awhile, but doctors informed me they were more concerned about his other ‘health issues’ than they were his ribs. He had liver disease and while admitted, hospital doctors learned he was having heart trouble (which explained why he had the black out). As each day passed, he got progressively worse and the rib injuries were extremely painful for him.

I spent day and night at his hospital bedside until he was finally to weak to fight, He passed away peacefully on March 21, 2012, I held his hand, prayed with him, and we watched the sun setting over the San Diego Bay as he took his last breath.

Sorry to ramble, I loved my dad very much and it gives me some comfort to share a little with his friends. My dad loved his friends very much, especially those he kept in contact with from Trona. I know because a) he told me so and b) he always talked about them. *smile*


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