Freddie Carrasco – Class of 1958

Freddie Carrasco, Class of ’58 passed away May 20, 2014. No details.

George Sherman adds:

Freddie was a great guy. His sister, Josephine (Carrasco) Sepulveda, was in my class (1956) and passed away a few years ago. He married Monica Wheeler of the Trona High School class of 1957. I believe they were living in Ridgecrest.

Bill Schuette adds:

I am so sorry to hear about Freddie.

He was in my Trona Class from the second grade on. He was the best speaker in Miss Delores M. Sandeen second grade class. I worked with Freddie at Van Dyke Motors during the last couple of years at Trona High School. He was a man of many desires and passions, and was always friendly and considerate of others.

This is a great loss for the class of ’58.

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