Trona’s First Pool

Trona’s first swimming pool was not Valley Wells. It was Crawley Pond and was located by the plant near the Number Two Evaporator House. The first photograph of it below is from a scrapbook put together by Elisabeth and Peggy Gauslin while they lived in Trona in about 1915. It was sent to me by Elisabeth’s son, John Whitelaw. The second picture is from the files in the SVHS Library  and was sent to me by Lit Brush. The third picture is the new Trona pool and the picture was stolen from the Trona Alumni page on FB. Pools in Trona have come a long way haven’t they?

Crawley Pond
Crawley Pond 1


Trona's New Pool

Trona’s New Pool

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  1. Barbara Adkisson

    I lived in Trona in the mid and late 70’s. my father worked at Kerr McGee. I lived in the first housing track after you came down the hill from Ridgecrest. Mr. and Mrs. Longhopper’s daughter was my baby sitter. There were two pools when I was there one up on the hill it was like a water storage tank the floor was made from wooden railroad ties the other was Valley Wells. I remember easter egg hunting with my church at the park area at Valley Wells. My brother played football at Trona High School on the dirt field. there was J.T’s pizza and my father belonged to the Elks. I have heard that Valley Wells is now a biohazard dump site. Is that true?


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