Trona Railway Stove

This is an email sent to me several years ago. Obviously John thought he was contacting the Trona Railroad Company.

“Dear Sir:

Let me introduce myself and why I am e-mailing the Trona Railway.  My name is John Giannini and I live in Riverside, CA.

Several years ago, about 15 to be more or less exact I bough a Pot belly stove from an antique store in Pomona  CA. The store owner told me that they believed that the stove had once been in an old school and the stove need to be restored some what.  I started cleaning up the stove about a week later and found a Trona Railway, property tag attached to the base of the stove (pictured above).

I removed the tag before I had the stove sandblasted and then reattached it after all welding and stove blacking was completed.  Could or would anyone know when this type of property tag was used by the Trona Railway.   Any information provided would be of great help, thank you for you’re time

John Giannini. ”

If anyone can help John with his question please email me. My guess is that this stove came from a Trona RR caboose.

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