Trona Money

 Trona Scrip 1
Trona scrip from display at Old Guest House Museum
Photo by Ray H. Banks Copyright 1997AP&CC sold scrip to its employees. It could be used just like money in any of the AP&CC owned businesses. We called it “Trona money.” If you had change coming it would be in the form of AP&CC minted coins of brass, aluminum or in some cases pressed cardboard. As child it was difficult for us to understand why a Trona coin couldn’t be used anywhere just like the other coins that had in our pockets. People would keep track of the scrip they bought and at the end of the year they were able to get a tax-free rebate from AP&CC that is until someone decided to close that tax loophole. This was the way AP&CC divided up the profits of their not for profit businesses. When AP&CC could no longer use the businesses as tax write-offs it became time to sell them off.Trona Scrip 2

Trona Scrip 3


8 thoughts on “Trona Money

  1. Bruce Winter

    I lived in Trona when I was a kid, 8,9 and 10 beginning in 1948. My dad was Bob Winter and we lived across the street (wish I could remember the name) from Bob McCullough and family. Being a kid I wasen’t bothered by the heat but I’d probably melt now. We were friends with Dan Schole in Stovepipe Wells.

  2. Joel Stevens

    There Were Two Knowles Familys. Larry Knowles Lived on the the South corner of Aster and Trona RD. Gwen (Knowles) Russell, Ira’s Wife Lived on Telescope and almost Aster. They were Cousins.

    1. David Stevens

      I thought the Knowles family lived on Telescope Street. Perhaps it was the corner of Aster and Telescope. I think I remember them living on Aster between Telescope Street and Trona Road. Then I think they moved to Telescope Street not far from where they used to live. Or perhaps I remember it all wrong.


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