Family Day in the 1950s

AP&CC used to hold a family day once a year. It was sort of like going to the fair. Everyone looked forward to it and everyone had fun. It was usually held at Valley Wells They released balloons in the pool with some of them containing dollar bills. The more aggressive kids usually ended up with more. They would bury coins in the sand to be dug up by the younger kids. There would be carnival rides for free and arcade games.

I think it was Howard Vassar that was so good at knocking the milk bottles over with baseballs. He won so many prizes that the carnies had to run him off. He came back with a different shirt on and and glasses and won again until the carnies caught on to him.

There was always plenty of pop, watermelon, hot dogs and buggers. and then their was the BBQ pit where they always claimed they were barbecuing burro. I have no Idea if that was true.

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