Trona in 1920

The following is from Dr. Jim Kennedy Dover, NJ:

In the 1919 and 1920 my father worked for the American Borax and Potash Company. He and two other young men, each independently, took pack horses and armed with Winchester ’94 carbines and for months at a time on horseback rode the perimeter and internal areas of the company’s land. My father’s name was James Davis Kennedy (1902 – 1996). He worked for for about two years. He was originally from San Francisco.

I have pictures of him in Trona (on the company railroad) and in Ballarat. Also a place I believe was called “Indian Joe’s Wells. I would very much like to find out more about that time in Trona or to find anyone who might have knowledge of my dad. Perhaps employee records or other co-workers.


The Fred Austin family who once owned Ruth Mine and had a prominate rule in early Searles Valley aviation sent me pictures that seem to fit  this time period and before. In addition to the gallery below you will find them in other places throughout this site.

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  1. John G. Compton

    My Mother, Frances Ginsburg, at age ~9-10, lived somewhere in the Borosolvay vicinity with her parents Eva and George Ginsburg, and went to school in the area. He was an engineer for several years (1919-21??) for the company running the potash plant. We have a few photos (stored somewhere…).


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