Trona 1940 US Census

This week I spent some time looking at the 1940 census for Trona. It was quite interesting and I think it would be worth my time to study it in more detail. Here are some interesting examples:

  • The population  in 1940 was 2014.
  • My father’s salary was $1800 a year as a laborer.
  • My father paid $12 a month for rent.
  • A chemical engineer made $3000 a year.
  • The barber, butcher, dentist, bartender, deputy sheriff and the priest all worked for AP&CC.
  • Not everyone in Trona came from Oklahoma, Arkansas or Missouri.
  • Harvey Eastman Sr. was born in Cuba.
  • There were 21 single women and 1394 males including married men and children.
  • There were 780 men living in bunkhouse or tents.
  • There were 32 women living bunkhouses.
  • There  were 1160 people that had lived in Trona since 1935.

In 1920 the population of trona was about 700 and in 1930 it was about 1000.

To look at the 1940 census for free I recommend using the LDS Family Search site. As far as I know it is the only free site that is indexed and searchable by name.

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