Thurman Clifton Peterson – Class of 1961

Thurman Peterson

Thurman Clifton Peterson was born March 2, 1943. He left us on March 28, 2010. He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Viki Carol Peterson and three daughters, June, Pam and Becky; three son-in-laws, Phil, Dave and Anthony; seven grandchildren, Kayla, Ashley, Kassie, Eric, Drew, Brandon, and Jordan; and two great-grandchildren. Chuck and Kaydn. Pete was a beloved man. He was friend and father to all his nieces and nephews. He may have left us in his body  but his memory will with us through his friends and family.

Published in the Modesto Bee 

This is more old news that is new to me so I am passing it along. I didn’t know Thurmnan that well. I remember him as being even shyer than I was. That may be just an impression that I got or a result of how we interacted with each other. He, I and Ken Hall spent a week together at a LDS orchard helping with the peach and pear harvest whe we were about 16. The orchard was in Littlerock near Palmdale. The other thing I remember about Thurman was how good he was at high hurdles. Coach Long kept wanting me to run them. I tried but I could never overcome my fear landing on one the wrong way.

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