Pioneer Point 1947

Before 1946 there wasn’t much in Pioneer Point. There were some houses up by the hills. They were probably built about 1920 when I think the area was called North Trona by some people. Take a look at the pictures taken by the Gauslin Family back then and tell me what you think.

In 1946 AP&CC built a few house out of brick in Pioneer Point and then in 1947 they partnered with a contractor to build about 20 or more prefab concrete houses. The house walls and roof were put together in Trona and then moved to Pioneer Point for the final assembly.

Pan Rooms

The area in the lower right hand corner of the picture show part of the area where the walls and roofs were made for the concrete prefab houses in Pioneer Point.


You can see more information and photos at Pioneer Point Prefab Houses.

Later on they built some cinder block houses for the school teachers on the south side of Pioneer Point.

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