Jerry Dufloth: Class of 1961

Our community lost a very special person yesterday, Jerry Dufloth. The service will be Service for Jerry Dufloth will be Saturday May 20, 2017 at the Trona Cemetery at 11:00 AM.  We will gather at the Trona Elks Lodge after the service. If you would like to make a dish or dessert please contact Bob Huggins or Analisa Huggins. 209-595-7287,

Jerry was a graduate of Trona High School and has been a long time resident of Trona.

Los Angeles Girl Scout Council “Mojave Primitive Encampment”

Every year around Easter a group of scout leaders bring girl scouts out to a desert to camp, hike, rappel, etc. They originally camped up in the Great Falls area, but sometime in the 80’s they moved their camp to the Indian Joe’s area.

A former participant named Cindy wrote the following description:

It was the highlight of the week for the older girls to get to rappel down off the big rock that sat up over that little waterfall and spring. It was deep in the canyon. (I have pix if you’re interested). I first went in 1980 or so, then returned as an adult to help teach rock climbing in the early 1990s. We’d also hike to a place called the Mule Flats, up in the Argus Range somewhere? It was worth the hike because a small pipe had water running out of it and you could wash your hair! (The only water down in the camp was from the water buffalos the Navy would bring in for us from China Lake and we had to be frugal with it!)

The “flats” part had low grass covering it (said to have grown from the hay seed brought up to feed the mules and/or grown from seed in the mule’s’ poo?) I have many fond memories of that place. One year, the Space Shuttle landed at Edwards while we were at the encampment. I remember hearing the sonic booms as the shuttle and escort jets flew overhead. I think that was the same year we saw the aurora borealis (1982 I think?)

One year we boiled (106 degrees) and on another year at the Mule Flats we froze (woke up with my breath frozen to the inside of my ground cloth! I saw a bobcat one night and, of course, heard the burros. We’d also have a slideshow night where this old man came out and showed/told us about the history of the area. I can’t remember his name. (Indian Joe or something?)

Anyhow, I’d love to see a post on this topic. I’m sure there are literally THOUSANDS of women from the Los Angeles region who have similar memories of the place too. Thanks for listening!



MARCH 2017

8th by 11:59PM                  Camper Responses due via e-mail to or via the desert acceptance reply form
11th @ 7:00PM                   First Desert Patrol Meeting (MANDATORY!) with applications and payment due @ Torrance Scout Center
23rd @ 7:00PM                   Backpackers meeting for all 2nd+ year campers planning to backpack

APRIL 2017

7th @ 6-7:30PM                  Load truck at Columbia Park in Torrance (Prairie Avenue @ 190th Street)
8th @ 6AM                          Adult staff & MISCs leave for desert
9th @ 6:30AM                     Campers leave for desert from Columbia Park (sharp!)
13th at 6PM                        Campers return from desert at Columbia Park
29th @ 7PM                        Ice Cream Social at Torrance Scout Center

Cindy, thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention and for making this post possible.

Pioneer Point 1947

Before 1946 there wasn’t much in Pioneer Point. There were some houses up by the hills. They were probably built about 1920 when I think the area was called North Trona by some people. Take a look at the pictures taken by the Gauslin Family back then and tell me what you think.

In 1946 AP&CC built a few house out of brick in Pioneer Point and then in 1947 they partnered with a contractor to build about 20 or more prefab concrete houses. The house walls and roof were put together in Trona and then moved to Pioneer Point for the final assembly.

Pan Rooms

The area in the lower right hand corner of the picture show part of the area where the walls and roofs were made for the concrete prefab houses in Pioneer Point.


You can see more information and photos at Pioneer Point Prefab Houses.

Later on they built some cinder block houses for the school teachers on the south side of Pioneer Point.

A Positive Message From Pat Dunne about a New Book

I heard from one of my classmates Roy Dunn about a new little book on Trona. It is called Why would anyone go to Trona? I got a copy and really enjoyed it. I imagine you have seen it because the author is your nephew Bryce Steven Banks. He tells the story from a kids perspective on his trips to visit his grandparents in Trona. I enjoyed it and am sharing with my daughters and grandchildren. I got a copy ordered through our local Barnes and Noble store and I think it is on Amazon as well. It would be good to spread the word on your Trona websites. I order a copy for my older brother Tom, class of 1948, who lives in Portland, OR and I was going to e-mail George Sherman about it to spread the word on his network, which seems mostly to focus on death notices. It would be good to add something positive.

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Onace Long 1925-2016

HP0008 - Edited

I have recently learned of the passing of Onace Long. He was born in Panama, Oklahoma in 1925. He came to Trona as an athletic coach and teacher in 1957. This was about the same time as his cousin Coach Doyle Long and Coach Carl Bledsoe also came to Trona from Oklahoma. He was my C team football and C team basketball coach as well as my P.E. teacher.

I do not know what other classes he taught but I was a student in his book keeping class.  He eventually became the elementary school principal. Onace retired in 1988 but even after he retired he continued to teach as a substitute teacher. He has been a prominent resident of Trona for over 50 years and will be remembered fondly by hundreds of former students, parents and residents of Trona.

No date has been set for services.

Old Trona Photos

The photos below were sent to me by Jeannette (Kolstad) Kaufman. She was born in Trona in 1924. I really appreciate the effort she made to get them scanned and then sending them to me. There is another picture of this wreck at

Trona-R. Kolstad 1 - Edited (1)

Trona-R. Kolstad 2 - Edited (1)

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