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Use this form to send me a question or a request. Please make suggestions for things that should be added or made easier to find. I may not be able to implement every idea I very much was to make this site better in every way I can.

Q. Why are you such a jerk?

A. Partly because I am an introvert and have not learned good social skills. I have some of the same difficulties that people with asperger’s syndrome have but for different reasons.

Q. How do I log on to the alumni pages?

A. Find and use the log in screen on the new site. I made a coding error in the new log in page and for a while people could not use it to log in. That is corrected now. If you have problems with the new log in page you can always find and use the one on the old site.

Q. Why do I need to log in?

A. By requiring a password I am able to provide alumni with at least a little protection. That makes me feel better. When Doug Polly passed the alumni pages on to me they were wide open and everyone’s contact information was available to all of the search engines. All anyone had to do was key in you name on Google to get it. Many of the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses were submitted to Doug by the alumni committee members unknown to the alumni. Please do not summit information about other alumni without their permission.

Q. Why do the alumni pages exist?

A. Alumni committee people like to use them to as a starting point for making contact with alumni when there is a reunion.

Q. How can I get copies of pictures on this site?

A. Right click on them to save to your computer. If you need a larger size contact me to see what I have.

Q. Why can’t I post a comment or ask a question?

A. I have a very mean plugin called Stop Spammers Registration. It has a mind of it’s own. The author recently made some changes and ever since then it seems to be rejecting almost everyone. I decided I would ground it for a while to see if I can live without it.

7 thoughts on “FAQ and Contact Form

  1. David Stevens

    During the 50s or at least part of it anyway the Oasis was owned by Garland “Blackie” Williams. Blackie was the son-in-law of Bill Paterson and the brother-in-law of Ted Lang. Blackie was married to Ted’s wife’s older sister. Lit Brush told me that Bill Paterson also owned a bar near Poison Canyon that burned down in the 50s. Ted Lang may have owned it at the time.

  2. Papaw Bob

    Does anyone remember Jim or Jerry Bowkley who ran the Osas bar,? they lived across the street from it. also does any one remember Tammee Bowkley? or Sharron or little Jimmy Bowkley?

  3. Jennifer

    Does anyone remember the name of the tow truck driver in Trona? He would have been approx. 88 years old about 8 years ago. He had said he was the tow truck driver in that area for over 60 years.

  4. David Stevens

    My brother Joel told me that in the 50s the owner of the Oasis Bar was someone named Blackie and he was related to Ted Lang. That seems to fit. Ted Lang’s father-in-law, Bill Paterson, was a bootlegger who ran a bar near Homewood Canyon in the 30s during prohibition. Actually Bill Paterson was Ted Lang’s wife’s stepfather. I’m pretty sure Ted Lang’s gas station and garage were also one owned by Bill Paterson.



  6. Lee Collins

    My uncle Merle Wisely tended bar at the Oasis.. I can’t find anything about the Oasis, but it seems to me that it was a thriving restaurant/bar up into the late 60’s, no? Uncle Merle is now buried in the cemetery at Joburg, by the way. I seem to recall that the Oasis–like some of the other places in Trona–had its own coins. Am I right? Thanks!

    1. David Stevens


      I’m still trying to find out about the Oasis having its own coins. No luck so far. According to my brother most places in Argus would accept AP&CC Trona Script at a discounted exchange rate. Can you tell me anything else about the Oasis that might help track down clues?

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