Class of 1967 50th Reunion — Posted for Marilyn McKee and Ellie Murrin

Dear Class of 1967, Trona High School,

Marilyn McKee and Ellie Murrin are organizing the 50th class reunion for their class.  We originally thought we could decide between Las Vegas or Trona for this gathering, but the Class of 1968 has invited us to Las Vegas for the next year in April, so I decided to go ahead with a Trona reunion.

Both the Searles Valley Gem and Mineral show and homecoming land on the weekend of Oct 14-15th.  It only seems right to also have our reunion on the same weekend, so people can enjoy all the events that are happening in town.  The important thing is that the motels in Ridgecrest fill up that weekend so Marilyn has blocked 30 rooms in Ridgecrest at the Hampton Inn and Springhill Suites; 15 rooms in each. These hotels sit next to each other. The price is $119 for the group rate. Marilyn has both Friday and Saturday nights booked and anyone can extend their stay. Get these rooms reserved in the next month, because they fill up fast and a larger group can steal from our block. Marilyn also has half king beds and half 2 queen beds for those who may want to share. Their phone number is (760) 446-1630.  The sooner you can book your room, the better chance rooms will be available. Marilyn can reserve more if needed.

Marilyn is looking for all the emails for class members, past and present, and close friends.   Paul Grissom and Bill and Marilyn McKee have homes side by side in Westend.  The McKees are willing to host dinners on Friday and Saturday nights.  That way, we can visit and enjoy each other in a casual setting.  We were thinking there would be a charge for food, and everyone can BYOB.  Because we are now “old Farts”, we need to know about dietary issues and allergies people have, so we can have a variety of food to offer.  People can float between the two houses and enjoy everyone’s company. 

Marilyn will look into what the Elks will be doing.  With the large reunions, they have been known to put on some sort of dinner for Saturday night.  It may be an option to use their facility for the Saturday night. 

Marilyn would also like for you to put together a summary of what you are doing, including address and phone numbers so we can stay connected.   Marilyn will assemble them so class members each have a copy, like in the past.

Marilyn need emails for everyone. If you can private message Marilyn on Facebook and update your email. Also, include anyone you may want to attend. This is a start.

The Class of 1968 has invited us to join them in Las Vegas in April, 2018 and Marilyn will have that information and pass that on later.

 Party Planners, 

Marilyn McKee and Ellie Murrin

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