A Positive Message From Pat Dunne about a New Book

I heard from one of my classmates Roy Dunn about a new little book on Trona. It is called Why would anyone go to Trona? I got a copy and really enjoyed it. I imagine you have seen it because the author is your nephew Bryce Steven Banks. He tells the story from a kids perspective on his trips to visit his grandparents in Trona. I enjoyed it and am sharing with my daughters and grandchildren. I got a copy ordered through our local Barnes and Noble store and I think it is on Amazon as well. It would be good to spread the word on your Trona websites. I order a copy for my older brother Tom, class of 1948, who lives in Portland, OR and I was going to e-mail George Sherman about it to spread the word on his network, which seems mostly to focus on death notices. It would be good to add something positive.

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