Trona in 1915

I have been sent more great 1915 – 1920 pictures. These came from Steven Faulkner of Oregon. Please check them out. With the exception of the Liberty flag postcards these pictures came from Steven’s grandfather Phillip C. Eberwine and grandmother Edna Moberly-Reynolds-Eberwine. They met and were married in Trona.


The following information is from Joe Whitelaw:

The photos were taken from two albums put together in 1918 by my mother, Elizabeth Gail Gauslin and her younger sister Mary Margaret (Peggy) Gauslin, the youngest of Emma and Anthony (Tony) Gauslin’s eight children. My mother who was born in 1900 and lived off and on in Trona from 1915 to 1920. She was sent back east to school. Peggy was born in 1905 and lived full time in Trona from 1915 to 1920. She attended high school in Los Angeles, however, (Los Angeles High) beginning about 1919.

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