Things I Do Not Remember About Trona

I was talking to my brother Joel today about Trona. He remembers it much better than I do. I am sure that is because he lived there longer than me and worked in both the Trona and Westend Plant before he moved in 1975. He reminded me that bunkhouse 17 that was on the west side of the clubhouse burned down. He also reminded me that the quonset huts shown near the bottom of the picture above were once used by the village maintenance crews that were part of Trona when AP&CC owned all the houses. I had even forgotten the gas station that was near the fire station.

And in my head I was getting Ted Langs gas station in Argus, where Joel once worked, mixed up with Joe Brangwin’s station in Trona. I’ve asked him to help put captions on the photos that he knows about. If you can help out add a comment to any that you know about. Joel also told me that he worked with Larry Fox at the Westend Plant for nine years and new him very well.

I still don’t quite remember exactly where the old Catholic Church was located. Joel told me that at one time it was an automatic three bases if a batter hit it. Does anyone remember the barn and stables down about where Zimmerman’s lumber was? I seem to remember one of the barn building being moved to the other side of Trona Road and being used by the NRA for a target range. Joel says I’m wrong. But he was wrong about how old Larry Fox was too.

Joel also mentioned a place called Silver City that was built on the east side of Trona Road. He said it was an expansion to Tent City and that all the structures were painted silver to reflect the heat. He described it as a place that didn’t have trees and didn’t have a chance of ever getting any.

And then there was the Federal Housing Project that was between Trona and Argus. I remember that very well. I can remember being at the opening festivities with my mother.

I think I remember that part of the project was on the west side of Trona Road but was torn down way before the rest of it was.

Now, if I can get my sister to tell me where the Hog Ranch was again.

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  1. Marie

    I remember Trona very well .my Dad and Uncle Al worked there I remember the Trona Square the Theater was in the middle and there was a drug store with fountain and Pool hall & a Company Market .also there was a Teen Center so much fun looking back and swimming at Valley Wells , My Older Sister Dee DEe Hodge and her Family bought a home in Pioneer point when the Homes were first built, they all left there in Early 1950 ,My Parents moved us all to LA Area .


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